Smart NPCs for Unreal Engine

AI powered characters that can scale your open world games much more simply.

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Windows 10 with support for DirectX 12 required.

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Talk to any NPC
in real-time

Using your microphone, talk to NPCs and they will respond with dialogue in real-time.

Smart NPC screenshot
Smart NPC screenshot

AI voices with emotion

NPC responses utilise Replica's range of emotions and adapt in real-time.

Scale unique NPC characters for your world

NPC backstories and context can be customised for a unique experience (not available in the demo release).

Smart NPC controls screenshot
Smart NPC screenshot

NPCs can talk to each other

Ambient NPC interaction is in-built, so NPCs will converse with each other intelligently as well.

Automated lip-sync and body gestures

Included is a customized blend-shape to respond to phoneme timing output and create effortless lip-sync. Animation blueprints also provide suitable body gestures.


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