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Creativity and Art are innately human concepts, but it takes years of practice for humans to get good at expressing themselves creatively.

Imagine if AI could help reduce the time and effort it took to become an expert artist, actor, or musician?

Imagine if AI could be used as a tool with which creative people could express themselves more easily?

AI voice actors in games & movies


We believe Artificial Intelligence can help us create the next generation of games, films, music, and other media.

Our first product, Dial, provides creative people with access to millions of ‘Replica’ voice actors on demand.

We are excited to see the amazing Games and Movies people will create with Dial.

Style and Emotion

Replica voice actors are Performers! Capture the emotion and style in any scene. You can tweak it to sound just the way you want.

Unlimited Voices

Discover and choose from hundreds of different voices. You can even create a unique voice for your unique characters.

Languages and Accents

Replica voice actors speak multiple languages, and can do many different accents.

Rapid Prototyping

Speed up your ideation by testing multiple versions of dialogue. Just type it in, choose a voice, and listen to it immediately!

About Us

We’re a team of world class Deep Learning engineers and hackers based in Brisbane Australia. Replica is backed by Australia’s leading AI startup incubator, Mawson Ventures.

Shreyas Nivas


Shreyas is a co-founder and CEO of Replica. An aerospace engineer turned technology entrepreneur, Shreyas has founded multiple startups, worked with global brands like Nike and Dominos, and has architected solutions across a wide range of technologies like web, mobile, AR and VR. Since exiting his last company, he has specialised in Artificial Intelligence.

Riccardo Grinover


Riccardo Grinover is the Co-Founder and CTO of Replica. A graduate Electrical Engineer and entrepreneur specializing in Artificial Intelligence. Riccardo was a leader in his University team which won the 2017 Amazon Robotics Challenge in Japan, competing against MIT, Mitsubishi, and Toshiba, building and programming robotics and AI. He was the lead mentor and co-organizer for the largest Brisbane based AI group.

Keni Mardira

Lead Engineer

Keni is a co-founder and the Lead Engineer at Replica. An electrical engineer and a former researcher at the University of Queensland, Keni applied Artificial Intelligence in disease detection and diagnosis. At Replica, he focuses on unsupervised learning, feature disentanglement, and probabilistic programming.

Daniel Krusvar

AI Engineer

Daniel is an AI engineer at Replica. A Computer and Software Engineering graduate specialising in Cyber Security, he is amongst the top 5 hackers in the state of Queensland. He sees his work at Replica as a way to uphold the information security pillars of Integrity and Availability in this domain.

Investors & Advisors

Mawson Ventures invests in early stage startups exploring the frontiers of Deep Learning and Media.

Stephen Phillips, formerly CEO of WeAreHunted (sold to Twitter, 2012) is the CEO of Mawson and an investor and advisor to Replica.

Techstars Venture Capital Fund, with $265M under management, co-invests in the most innovative Techstars’ alumni companies to further fuel their success.

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