Dubbing and Localisation

Multilingual text to speech

Streamline your audio production pipeline with support for multilingual text to speech and voice AI. Unlock the incredible potential of localisation and dubbing to access a wider global market for your content.

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Dubbing and localisation

Multi Language

Localise and dub your content using our multi-lingual generative AI voice generator which currently supports multiple languages and diverse accents. (More languages coming soon!)

Pick any voice, enter text in your language of choice. Combine with VoiceLab to create unique voices and use them in any language.

Text to Speech Voice Design

Voice Lab

Describe your voice, or the role or character you would like the AI to portray, and dream it into existence with Voice Lab, a prompt-to-voice design feature which can create a blend of up to 5 Replica voices which all contribute their unique accents, prosody, and other vocal features to the resulting new voice.

Save voices into your library for use in video games, audiobooks, social media, educational or corporate videos and real time conversational solutions.

Digital Voice Studio
Generative AI Voice Director

Voice Director

With Replica Voice Director, generate voice overs and dialogue instantly with text to speech, while also managing the scripts for your project where it’s all tracked in one place.

Whether you're doing early prototyping, in pre-production, or producing final voice overs for your content or projects, Replica’s text to speech will supercharge your creative workflows.

Text to Speech API

Multilingual Text To Speech API

Start building Voice enabled apps and platforms, voice over workflow improvements, conversational bots and other software solutions using Replica’s advanced text to speech API.

We offer scalable and flexible pricing options that enable you to build, test, and deploy. We offer custom enterprise plans including secure private hosting and air gapped services built for businesses with sensitive IP and privacy requirements.

2	"text": "<speak>Hello there, <prosody rate=\"40%\">how are</prosody> you today?</speak>",
3	"voicelab_recipe": {
4		"performer": {
5			"voice": "2bfc6875-308c-4101-bf4d-7c279bc56db2",
6			"style": "07e62901-72c4-46e5-b009-aa0938d749df"
7		},
8		"model_chain": "vox_1_0",
9		"voice_config": {
10			"918e6a69-90d7-436d-8301-70a5a5a65156": 0.7,
11			"792fc8b4-dcf6-42b6-bb2c-080234f201e3": 0.3
12		},
13		"options": {
14			"auto_pitch": true,
15			"pitch": 0,
16			"rate": 0.5
17		}
18	},
19	"hq": true,
20	"normalize": false
1import requests
3url = "https://api.replicastudios.com/speech"
5querystring = {"txt":"<speak>Halt! Stop right there!</speak>","speaker_id":"55a0aad5-a739-402f-9cec-36b01ff81a41","extension":"wav","ai_pace":"1","model_chain":"vox_1_0"}
7payload = ""
8headers = {"Authorization": "Bearer <SNIP>"}
10response = requests.request("GET", url, data=payload, headers=headers, params=querystring)
Ethical AI Voice

How we ensure Responsible Voice AI

Replica partners with happy and passionate voice actors and trains exclusively on licensed data to create highly versatile, diverse and performant AI voices. 

By choosing Replica you are assured full commercial usage rights of voice overs and dialogue generated, with the additional knowledge that our voice actors benefit from any revenue we make.

Multilingual Text to Speech

What are the benefits of multilingual text to speech?

Multilingual text-to-speech technology offers several benefits across various applications and industries:

Language Accessibility

Multilingual TTS breaks down language barriers, enabling communication and interaction across diverse linguistic communities. It facilitates access to information, services, and entertainment for individuals who speak different languages, fostering inclusivity and equal participation.

Global Reach

By supporting multiple languages and dialects, multilingual TTS expands the reach of content, products, and services to international markets. It enables businesses, educational institutions, and content creators to engage with audiences worldwide, unlocking new opportunities for growth and expansion.

Cost Efficiency

Multilingual TTS reduces the need for manual translation and localization efforts, saving time and resources for organizations. It streamlines the production process for multilingual content, allowing for faster turnaround times and lower overhead costs compared to traditional methods of language adaptation.


Multilingual TTS can be tailored to individual preferences, including voice style, accent, and speech rate. It allows creators to customize their listening experience, enhancing user satisfaction and engagement across various applications, from virtual assistants to audiobooks.

Efficient Communication

In scenarios where spoken communication is impractical or challenging, such as navigation systems or accessibility tools for the visually impaired, multilingual TTS provides a clear and efficient means of conveying information. It improves comprehension and reduces ambiguity, enhancing the overall user experience.


Multilingual TTS systems can scale to accommodate a wide range of languages and dialects, making them suitable for global deployment. They offer flexibility and adaptability to evolving language needs and preferences, ensuring long-term viability and relevance in multicultural societies.

Enterprise Ready

We partner with professional creators and help unlock the possibilities offered by Responsible Generative AI Voice.

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