AI Voice Generator for Animation

Ethical AI For Animation

Streamline your animation studio’s audio production pipeline, create unique voices for your characters and stories. Unlock the incredible potential of your animated production using Replica’s advanced voice AI for animation.

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AI Voice Generator for Animation

Discover unique AI voices for your animated characters. Select from existing voices or design unique character voices, for main characters or extras. Speed up animation production workflows with Replica’s advanced text to speech.

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Digital Voice Studio
Generative AI Voice Director

Voice Director

With Replica Voice Director, generate voice overs and dialogue instantly with text to speech OR speech to speech, while also managing the scripts for your project where it’s all tracked in one place.

Whether you're doing early prototyping, in pre-production, or producing final voice overs for your content or projects, Replica’s text to speech will supercharge your creative workflows.

Voice Design

Voice Lab

Describe your voice, or the role or character you would like the AI to portray, and dream it into existence with Voice Lab, a prompt-to-voice design feature which can create a blend of up to 5 Replica voices which all contribute their unique accents, prosody, and other vocal features to the resulting new voice.

Save voices into your library for use in your animated productions. Create unique voices for your main or secondary characters, for narrators, and for extras.

 Dubbing and localization


Localise and dub your content using our multi-lingual generative AI voice generator which currently supports multiple languages and diverse accents. (More languages coming soon!)

Secure your animation studio’s audio production budget with Replica and ship fully dubbed and localised audio, so your animated production is ready to distribute to a global audience.

Text to speech API

Text to Speech API for Games

Supercharge your animation audio production pipeline by integrating Replica’s Text to speech API directly into your animation software, DAWs and audio engines. Generate lines of dialogue and export them directly into your active projects in seconds.

Create placeholder dialogue, or go all the way to final production with Replica’s advanced Text to speech API. Cut down production times and increase workflow efficiency with Replica’s AI voice generator for Films.

2	"text": "<speak>Hello there, <prosody rate=\"40%\">how are</prosody> you today?</speak>",
3	"voicelab_recipe": {
4		"performer": {
5			"voice": "2bfc6875-308c-4101-bf4d-7c279bc56db2",
6			"style": "07e62901-72c4-46e5-b009-aa0938d749df"
7		},
8		"model_chain": "vox_1_0",
9		"voice_config": {
10			"918e6a69-90d7-436d-8301-70a5a5a65156": 0.7,
11			"792fc8b4-dcf6-42b6-bb2c-080234f201e3": 0.3
12		},
13		"options": {
14			"auto_pitch": true,
15			"pitch": 0,
16			"rate": 0.5
17		}
18	},
19	"hq": true,
20	"normalize": false
1import requests
3url = ""
5querystring = {"txt":"<speak>Halt! Stop right there!</speak>","speaker_id":"55a0aad5-a739-402f-9cec-36b01ff81a41","extension":"wav","ai_pace":"1","model_chain":"vox_1_0"}
7payload = ""
8headers = {"Authorization": "Bearer <SNIP>"}
10response = requests.request("GET", url, data=payload, headers=headers, params=querystring)
Ethical AI Voice

How we ensure Responsible Voice AI

Replica partners with happy and passionate voice actors and trains exclusively on licensed data to create highly versatile, diverse and performant AI voices. 

By choosing Replica you are assured full commercial usage rights of voice overs and dialogue generated, with the additional knowledge that our voice actors benefit from any revenue we make.

Animation Voice AI

Why Use Voice AI For Animation?


Voice AI streamlines the process of creating animated content by automating the voiceover production. Instead of hiring voice actors and scheduling recording sessions, animators can quickly generate voice lines using AI technology, saving time and resources.


Voice AI offers animators greater flexibility in voice casting and character development. With AI generated voices, animators can easily experiment with different accents, tones, and styles to find the perfect voice for each character, without being limited by the availability of human voice actors.


AI-generated voices ensure consistency in voice quality and performance throughout the animation. Unlike human voice actors, AI voices can maintain the same tone, pitch, and delivery across multiple scenes and iterations, ensuring a cohesive and polished audio experience for viewers.


Voice AI allows animators to customize voices to suit specific character traits or story requirements. Animators can adjust parameters such as pitch, speed, and emotion to tailor the voice to the personality and narrative arc of each character, enhancing the overall storytelling impact.


AI-generated voices make animation more accessible to creators and audiences worldwide. By supporting multiple languages, accents, and dialects, Replica’s voice AI enables animators to reach diverse audiences and create content that resonates with viewers from different cultural backgrounds.


Using voice AI can significantly reduce the production costs associated with voiceover work in animation. Without the need to hire professional voice actors or book recording studios, animators can produce high-quality audio content at a fraction of the cost, making animation more budget-friendly.

Enterprise Ready

We partner with professional creators and help unlock the possibilities offered by Responsible Generative AI Voice.

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