AI Voice Generator for Audiobooks

Commercially Safe AI Audiobook Narration

Generate and produce natural sounding narrations using Replica’s advanced AI audiobook narration technology. Ethical and commercially safe AI voices that bring your audiobook to life.

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AI Voice Generator for Audiobooks

Discover unique AI voices that are perfect to narrate your audiobooks. Select from existing voices or design unique voices that have the tone and nuance so your books come to life. Speed up your audiobook’s voice over production capabilities with Replica’s advanced text to speech.

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Digital Voice Studio
Generative AI Voice Director

Voice Director

With Replica Voice Director, generate voice overs and dialogue instantly with text to speech OR speech to speech, while also managing the scripts for your project where it’s all tracked in one place.

Whether you're doing early prototyping, in pre-production, or producing final voice overs for your content or projects, Replica’s text to speech will supercharge your creative workflows.

Voice Design

Voice Lab

Describe your voice, or the role or character you would like the AI to portray, and dream it into existence with Voice Lab, a prompt-to-voice design feature which can create a blend of up to 5 Replica voices which all contribute their unique accents, prosody, and other vocal features to the resulting new voice.

Save voices into your library for use in your audiobook productions. Create unique voices for different styles of audiobooks, whether you’re looking for a narrator for children’s stories or romance, fiction or biographies, you will find the perfect AI voice on Replica studios.

 Dubbing and localization


Localise and dub your content using our multi-lingual generative AI voice generator which currently supports multiple languages and diverse accents. (More languages coming soon!)
Produce audiobooks that are ready for global distribution in any geo or locale with access to a Replica’s multi-lingual AI text to speech. Produce audiobooks all in one place, dub them, and distribute globally.

Text to Speech API

Text to Speech API for Audiobooks

Supercharge your audio advertising pipeline by integrating Replica’s Text to speech API directly into your audiobook production and distribution workflow. Generate and produce audiobooks and distribute them globally all from one place.

Perfect for large audiobook producers that have huge catalogs of existing content waiting to be voiced by the perfect Replica voice, and dubbed into every language you want to distribute in.

2	"text": "<speak>Hello there, <prosody rate=\"40%\">how are</prosody> you today?</speak>",
3	"voicelab_recipe": {
4		"performer": {
5			"voice": "2bfc6875-308c-4101-bf4d-7c279bc56db2",
6			"style": "07e62901-72c4-46e5-b009-aa0938d749df"
7		},
8		"model_chain": "vox_1_0",
9		"voice_config": {
10			"918e6a69-90d7-436d-8301-70a5a5a65156": 0.7,
11			"792fc8b4-dcf6-42b6-bb2c-080234f201e3": 0.3
12		},
13		"options": {
14			"auto_pitch": true,
15			"pitch": 0,
16			"rate": 0.5
17		}
18	},
19	"hq": true,
20	"normalize": false
1import requests
3url = ""
5querystring = {"txt":"<speak>Halt! Stop right there!</speak>","speaker_id":"55a0aad5-a739-402f-9cec-36b01ff81a41","extension":"wav","ai_pace":"1","model_chain":"vox_1_0"}
7payload = ""
8headers = {"Authorization": "Bearer <SNIP>"}
10response = requests.request("GET", url, data=payload, headers=headers, params=querystring)
Ethical AI Voice

How we ensure Responsible Voice AI

Replica partners with happy and passionate voice actors and trains exclusively on licensed data to create highly versatile, diverse and performant AI voices. 

By choosing Replica you are assured full commercial usage rights of voice overs and dialogue generated, with the additional knowledge that our voice actors benefit from any revenue we make.

ai audiobook narration

Why Use Commercially Safe Voice AI For Audiobook Narration?

Using commercially safe AI audiobook narration offers several benefits:

Legal Compliance

Commercially safe AI audiobook narration ensures trained voices comply with copyright and licensing regulations. By using licensed AI voices and adhering to legal guidelines, authors and publishers can avoid potential copyright infringement issues and legal disputes.


AI audiobook narration eliminates the need to hire professional voice actors, reducing production costs significantly. This cost-effectiveness is particularly beneficial for independent authors and publishers working with limited budgets.


AI narration speeds up the audiobook production process, allowing authors and publishers to release content more quickly. By automating the narration process, AI technology eliminates the time-consuming task of recording and editing audio, enabling faster turnaround times for audiobook projects.


AI audiobook narration is scalable, allowing authors and publishers to produce audiobooks in large volumes efficiently. Whether creating a single audiobook or an entire series, AI technology can handle the production process with ease, accommodating varying levels of demand.


AI narration ensures consistency in voice quality and performance throughout the audiobook. Unlike human narrators, AI-generated voices maintain the same tone, pronunciation, and pacing across the entire book, providing a seamless listening experience for listeners.


Commercially safe AI audiobook narration offers customization options to tailor the narration to the author's preferences and the book's tone. Authors can adjust parameters such as voice pitch, speed, and accent to match the characters and mood of the story, enhancing the overall storytelling experience.


AI audiobook narration is versatile and can be used for various types of books, including fiction, non-fiction, and educational titles. Whether narrating novels, memoirs, or instructional guides, AI technology can adapt to different genres and styles, catering to diverse audience preferences.

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