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At Replica, we believe AI Voice technology has the potential to eliminate critical bottlenecks in the development of narrative heavy games, enabling studios to tell ever bigger, and more immersive stories.

While talking to and working with some of the most successful studios and game franchises today, we discovered an interesting problem that many of them have in common.

Despite many of these studios boasting eye-watering production budgets and huge teams of people to co-ordinate voice acting, they are hitting an upper bound on the number of characters and lines of dialog they can ship in videogames.

The reason is, complexity grows exponentially with scale. When you consider games that have several 100’s of NPC characters, where each NPC requires a voice actor to perform lines, a director for live performance coaching, potential script changes and reshoots, mastering and sound FX, dubbing and localisation, then animation, SFX, VFX, etc; the effort involved in co-ordinating this massive project within a limited time frame is enormous.

It is obvious that the current system of populating videogames with characters and creating immersion through storytelling does not scale easily. We see the potential for AI to solve many of these challenges, allowing even small teams to dream big and scale their games into epic adventures.

We are thrilled to introduce, Replica Studios AI Powered Smart NPCs for Unreal Engine. Think of this as some of the foundational work we are doing to help game studios to easily scale their games with fully voiced and animated AI powered NPCs.

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Downloads and install the playable demo featuring REPLICA Smart NPCs in the Matrix Awakens project -
*May 2024 update, downloads for the demo have now closed while we evaluate the performance and feedback that we have received. Watch this space for future announcements of more Smart NPC adventures.

Over the coming weeks we will monitor and improve the demo with update patches. We are working to improve latency, offer integrations to other LLMs, and offer plugins to every major game engine so that all game developers can use Replica Smart NPCs and leverage our unique, high quality and ethically licensed library of AI voice actors.

Sign up to our waitlist and we’ll notify you when the Smart NPC Unreal Engine plugin is available. Waitlist is now closed, additional intakes may be announced in due course.

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