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In 2024 we will be introducing subscriptions to the Replica Studios Platform.

After carefully considering valuable user feedback, product updates, and our focus on moving our desktop app and voices from beta to full release, we have decided to transition from the current pay-as-you-go credits system to a monthly subscription pricing model.

This change is aimed at providing users with a more streamlined and consistent experience while offering new and improved features in the future. We understand that users may have concerns about the credits that have been purchased.

We are pleased to confirm that the credits you have purchased will be seamlessly rolled into the new subscription model. Additionally, existing paid users will be granted accesss to a tier of subscription at no charge to continue using their purchased credits. Our goal is to ensure a smooth and fair process for all our users during this transition period.

All the details you need to know can be found here

Impact on Existing Credits

We want to assure you that your existing purchased credits will not be lost. They will be seamlessly rolled into the new subscription system, allowing you to retain access to the benefits associated with your current credits even after the launch of subscriptions.

However, it's important to note that while rolled into the subscription model, your free access will not accrue any additional credits each month, your account will simply allow access to already purchased credits and will cease working once credits are exhausted.

During the launch of subscriptions, you will have the flexibility to use exisiting credits or choose a subscription plan that best suits your needs. Our subscription plans are tiered to offer you a range of features and benefits that will complement your current credits. It is important to note if you do have existing credits and transition to a paid subscription service, all credits will then be subject to the terms and conditions of subscriptions. For example if you have 2 hours of existing credit and then sign up to an entry tier subscription, your 2 hours will expire if you cancel or miss a payment on your subscription along with any other accrued credits.

Changes to Free Credits

As we move forward with this transition, we want to inform you that while in beta, our product has offered free credits to new users and through referral programs. However, these free credits will not be rolled into the new subscription service and will expire on the launch date.

Credit Values

Additionally, with the launch of subscriptions, credit values will change. In the current pay-as-you-go system, our credits have been quantified as 1 second of audio generation. However, with the introduction of subscriptions and our enhanced feature set, the definition of credits will evolve. While credits will no longer be directly quantified to a time value, the conversion will still allow for similar generation times for classic voice text-to-speech generation. It's important to note that other product functions such as Vox-1 and API will require more credits to perform.

Account transition

As we move all accounts into our new authentication provider you may be requested to change your password or update your account information. We are making changes to the provider to better secure your data and to ensure appropriate security protocols are followed as part of the improvements to the product.

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