Replica Studios & NVIDIA Omniverse

Today, we're excited to announce the launch of the Replica Studios extension to NVIDIA Omniverse and to be counted as an ecosystem partner with NVIDIA.

At ReplicaStudios our mission is to empower creators, storytellers, and new applications through the power of voice. Our customers use tools like Unity, Unreal Engine, and Reallusion iClone along with Replica Studios, to create experiences and tell immersive stories through the form of games, film, and metaverse experiences.

NVIDIA Omniverse makes it easier for teams of creators to collaborate by providing a virtual space where multiple tools connect and work together in real time.

We encourage developers to try Replica Studios' Omniverse extension today.

Replica Studios + Omniverse improves the workflow of storytellers, game developers, and animators.

While creating a game or short film, a typical studio would use tools like Epic Games Unreal Engine, Blender, Replica Studios, Reallusion iClone, or NVIDIA Omniverse Machinima, to name a few. NVIDIA Omniverse aims to bring all these applications together on a single platform, vastly simplifying creative workflows. It also enables version control and server hosting.

Traditionally, creators would need to spend a huge amount of extra time and effort building custom workflows to connect these various applications. With the launch of our integration with Omniverse, Replica will fit seamlessly into the workflows of any creative project.

Metaverse and other applications powered by Replica Studios + Omniverse

Replica Studios' AI voices are some of the most inspiring, and entertaining in the world, and are already powering some early Metaverse experiences. We're excited to see how some of the new applications being developed through Omniverse could leverage Replica voices.

Outside of media and entertainment, Omniverse works with car manufacturers such as BMW Group to create digital twins of their factories. Omniverse enables architectural and physics visualization, as well as VR-based training and simulation.

We believe AI voice will be crucial in delivering compelling experiences in a variety of new ways.

For example, you might simply talk to your car and tell it where you want to go, or you could speak to the AI that's controlling the temperature settings for your home, and it would communicate back to you through smart combinations of natural language processing and Replica voices.

You might choose from a number of 'personalities' for your various AIs. Brands may decideto create their own personas through voice, based on their unique aesthetic. While many of these ideas have been popular in AI, tech, and media circles over the past few years, it has been a challenge to find a tangible pathway to achieve this at scale.

As a unified virtual collaborative platform that connects various 3D systems, AI systems, design tools, and workflows, NVIDIA Omniverse is accelerating the rate at which many of these 'futuristic' concepts can become a reality.

Get Started with ReplicaStudios' Omniverse extension today.

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