The New Contract Between SAG AFTRA and Replica Studios

More Details on the New Contract Between SAG AFTRA and Replica Studios

In an exciting development for the entertainment industry, the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) has recently signed a groundbreaking contract with Replica Studios. But what does it all mean? 

There are many reasons why the contract is beneficial and an important step forward for AI, but the key question on everyone’s mind is, “how will it work?” Replica Studios has done its best to simplify the agreement below and dispel any causes for concerns of those in and around the industry.

Below is a summary outline of how the contract works, you can also view the full contract here.

How It Works 

Replica Studios works with video game studios from indie to AAA. With the new agreement, these studios can create projects with their favorite union actors. There will be two sides that will come together through Replica Studios, voice actors and game studios.

For Voice Actors 

The decision to create your Digital Replica is totally up to you. It’s 100% a decision made by the voice actor. The agreement also offers voice actors the ability to deny their voice being used in perpetuity without their consent and the ability to opt out of the use of their voice in new works. Replica Studios does not scrape, collect, or clone unlicensed data to create our licensable voices.  All characters are created with express permission from voice actors who are required to record custom audio with scripts in order to train a character. Performers are paid for this recording process based on the minimum session rates in the Replica Studios Development Agreement. Each Digital Replica is only permitted to be used in negotiated and approved projects with each studio, so similar to current in-person gigs, your Digital Replica will have a similar negotiation process.

Consent, Contracts, and Compensation

One of the primary goals of this contract is to guarantee that voice actors have a say in the projects they work on. Before any collaboration begins, negotiations take place between the studio, Replica and the voice actor. This ensures that both parties agree regarding the project's scope, requirements, and fair compensation.

Authorized Use of Voice Actor Data Only 

To address concerns about the use of voice actor data, the contract protects the data collected from voice actors and used to create their unique voice. While there is some requirement for voice actor data to be included in a larger dataset for the machine learning process, this is detailed further in the Development agreement and it is important to note that this data is not utilized in any unauthorized datasets. This provision safeguards the privacy and intellectual property rights of voice actors.

Requesting and Honoring Data Removal on Replica’s Platform

Once a project is completed, voice actors have the option to have their Digital Voice Replica remain privately on the Replica service for use in permitted future projects (rather than create another Digital Voice Replica from scratch) or request the removal of their voice and all associated data from the Replica Studios platform. This provision ensures that voice actors retain ownership of their work and have the ability to manage their digital footprint.

Post-Project Reporting and Transparency

Transparency and accountability are crucial aspects of the new contract. With the implementation of post-project reporting, voice actors will have access to detailed information about how their voice was utilized in the approved projects upon request. This reporting also assists with guaranteeing the correct remuneration of final projects for performers' synthesized audio that makes it into the shipped game.

Remuneration Per Line for Production

Imagine only having to attend one studio session, but your likeness can continue multiple projects and still earn money while you are sipping a cocktail on the beach or shooting on location. 
While some Digital Replicas may be contracted for only scratch audio, any lines that do make it into the shipped projects to the public will be paid according to the number of lines within the final project. 

For Domestic and Global Studios

Scheduling, collaborating, and reviewing are now easier with Digital Replicas. Studios will pitch their projects alongside Union members already engaged or desired for the roles; Replica Studios manages the recording, creation, and delivery of the Digital Replica for use in the project which the performer has consented. When approved, studios will be able to:

Create Scratch Audio with Accurate Character Styles

Testing scripts and judging comedic timing with accurate representations of the final characters using Digital Replicas. Gone are the days of needing to pull in Stan from accounts to “just say a few placeholder lines real quick for me.”

Transition Voices from Scratch to Production

Did you find a line that works perfectly within a scene?  not want to make any edits? This line can be converted to production-ready, safely with the knowledge that the appropriate payment will make it to the voice actor, and there is no need for extra recording sessions or -hours to change. 

Project Budget Costs From Start to Finish

Anticipating the budget for your project is essential to success. Digital Replica negotiations take place prior to production, and voice actor compensation and line calculations can be monitored throughout the project. Additional lines are seamless to add in, with Digital Replicas being at your fingertips.

Easily Build Worlds 

With access to Digital Replicas, studios can now create immense worlds rich with characters and personalities in half the time expected with bulk script line generations using Digital Replicas. 

Your clarity and understanding are important to us. Send us your questions to, and we’ll do our best to respond!

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